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Psychology Health Solutions

Our guiding principles are enfolded in the word THRIVE. Our therapy services cater to individuals who aspire for a better life, robust interpersonal connections, improved work-life stability and enhanced contentment.

We Can Help With

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Our Services are provided in 15+ Languages

English, Azeri, Arabic, Cantonese,  German, Bosnian, Croatian, Danish, Hindi, Sindhi, Persian (Farsi), Polish, Punjabi, Portuguese, Serbian, Turkish, Urdu, etc

At Psychology Health Solutions, we offer various services that aim to make individuals get over any negative feeling or thought. We help you manage pain, stress, anxiety, and depression. Your voice, feelings and thoughts are always heard.

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Our Experience

Our team of therapists are highly trained and experienced in a range of therapeutic techniques, such as CBT, DBT, EMDR, SFBT, CPT, ACT. In addition to these modalities, we also offer emotion-focused and narrative-based therapies. Some of our clinicians have significant expertise with MVA or WSIB referrals while our administrative staff ensure that all relevant parties are provided with the necessary information for a seamless healing experience between clinician and client.

We provide Multi-Cultural Clinical Psychological Services, which consist of Assessment and Treatment for:


Psychological Trauma caused by human error, workplace, and motor vehicle accidents


Psychological sequelae due to physical injuries and disabilities/impairments


Psychological sequelae because of challenging work settings (such as: Police Officers, Military, Veterans, Fire Fighters, Paramedics, Correctional Officers, Disaster Workers , etc.)


Psycho-Vocational Assessment to assist with return to work and rehabilitation, including functional assessments


Psycho-Legal Assessment and professional opinion when required for litigation in any of the above, including disability assessments


Most extended health benefits cover our services


No Wait-Times


Experienced Therapists

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Our Ultimate Goals

1. Building Resilience

As we navigate through various daily challenges, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and helpless. Therapy equips you with the emotional resilience required to keep your head above water and confidently make progress towards achieving your goals. Working collaboratively, our goal is to transform distressing emotions into manageable ones by leveraging on your innate abilities while also guiding you in developing self-assurance, stronger interpersonal connections, and a more fulfilling existence.

2. Strengthening Relationships

Studies reveal that forming strong and intimate connections with others is the top determinant of joyfulness and contentment in life. We are here to aid you in developing such relationships, both through therapy sessions and your daily interactions. Whether it involves repairing a damaged spousal relationship, comprehending your child better, or enhancing your social abilities, we provide the necessary resources for improved interpersonal communication.

3. Fostering Happiness and Well-Being

Therapy can be effective if you possess the ability to learn from your experiences, are receptive to change, and express your thoughts and emotions. By utilizing your strengths, we will work together to make enduring changes that result in greater happiness and improved overall wellness.

What Makes Us Your Right Step Towards a Better Psychological State?


All services are provided with consideration to multi-cultural factors of patients for whom English is a second or subsequent language


Our gentle and respectful approach to ensure you can share your concerns with us with comfort and confidence


Professionalism, commitment, flexibility and creativity


Privacy and Confidentiality are assured.

Professional and Experienced Team

Our team continuously stays up to date with the most advanced approaches in psychotherapy and counseling. We have a strong commitment to delivering psychological and psychotherapy treatment that is both effective and evidence based. We will join forces with you to figure
out the most suitable method that aligns with your necessities, aspirations
and principles despite challenges you may encounter.

Believe in the Power of Therapy

Individual therapy is ideal for individuals experiencing stagnation or loneliness in their lives. Reconnect with your inner self, address past traumas, and embark on a mindful journey towards a satisfying existence. While couple therapy is the best for partners facing separation, rage or isolation. We will help you acquire concrete techniques to apply in your personal space and reconstruct your companionship.

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We provide treatment sessions in-person and remotely (phone or video call).