Mood Disorders

Mood Disorders, including Depression.

Everyone experiences “highs” and “lows” in life, but people with mood disorders experience them with greater intensity and for longer periods of time than most people. Depression is the most widespread mood disorder. A person with depression will experience many or all the following symptoms: feelings of despair and worthlessness, loss of interest or inability to have fun, changes in eating patterns, disturbed sleep, constant fatigue, and thoughts of death or even suicide.

Depression is often undetected in people who are experiencing it; they may perceive themselves as indolent or inadequate and presume the issue can be easily remedied by willpower alone. People grappling with depression commonly harbor harsh judgments about themselves which only exacerbate their condition further.

Many approaches to psychotherapy have been shown to be effective for helping people recover from depression. Moments of depression can feel very isolating, and often reaching out to a mental health professional who is genuine, and caring is a powerful first step toward positive change.
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