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Military (Active duty & Veterans) & RCMP

At Psychology Health Solutions, we have a strong sense of responsibility towards looking after Canada’s military personnel. Our team of psychologists is expirienced in catering to the distinct requirements of Military Members, Military Veterans, RCMP officials. We collaborate closely with governmental agencies to ensure that these service members receive adequate care.


Active Military & Veteran Personnel

With years of collective involvement in dealing with veterans and military personnel, Psychology Health Solutions Services boasts a group of psychologists who grasp the predicaments that service members and their loved-ones encounter. We are proficient in handling an array of conditions and concerns linked to military duty. Our premises provide a secure haven for tackling these matters effectively. Additionally, we possess ample knowledge on how best to facilitate your transition into civilian life, showing utmost dedication towards supporting you throughout this process.

At Psychology Health Solutions Services, we extend a warm welcome to both active military personnel and veterans. Those who wish to consult with our psychologists can either refer themselves or receive referrals from healthcare professionals or case managers. We take immense pride in providing psychiatric services exclusively for the veteran community. If this is something you are interested in, please give us a call.



To fix an appointment, it is mandatory to have a referral from either a health professional or a case manager. In the absence of a case manager, veterans can rely on our office staff for assistance in obtaining authorization from relevant government agencies dealing with veteran affairs. Feel free to contact us if you are unsure about how to seek psychiatric help.


Active Military

To access psychiatric medication management services, active military personnel must first obtain a referral from the mental health team at their base. If you are currently working with a psychologist who recommends that you see a psychiatrist for this purpose, your therapist can compose a letter requesting such services from your mental health team. Once received, the team will send an official referral to the designated psychiatrist.



We provide treatment sessions in-person and remotely (phone or video call).