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Medical-Legal Assessments

A Medical Legal Assessment, also known as an Independent Medical Evaluation, is a fair evaluation of a patient’s diagnosis, mental and/or physical impairments, and likelihood for recuperation.
At Psychology Health Solutions, we offer assistance and evaluations for typical obstacles like depression, anxiety, trauma including PTSD and traumatic brain injuries along with physical harm. We employ proven approaches to treatment and assessment that are both dependable and fruitful. Our methodology is based on scientific evidence ensuring its effectiveness.

Psychological Assessments
The main objective of this evaluation is to offer a diagnosis, evaluate the extent of functioning or impairment, and guide treatment strategies as well as assess their effectiveness.
Neuropsychological Assessment
This distinct evaluation aims to identify cognitive ability and potential relevant to job opportunities. The assessment may involve administering some or a mixture of examinations that gauge reasoning aptitude, focus, analytical thinking, and recollection abilities. It also considers certain psychological factors/elements in the analysis process.
Psycho-Vocational Assessment

This evaluation aims to identify one’s abilities and prospects to explore suitable job opportunities or training. The assessment encompasses various tests assessing IQ, aptitudes, academic competencies, personality traits, interests as well as cognitive status while also considering specific psychological factors. Following this analysis, recommended job positions and learning paths are suggested along with strategies aimed at enhancing knowledge acquisition and skill development.

Cognitive Assessment

By conducting this evaluation, one can identify their strengths and areas of improvement to explore relevant job opportunities or training programs. The testing process may involve a variety of cognitive assessments as well as consideration for specific psychological factors.

Return-to-Work Assessment

This evaluation aims to diagnose, determine the extent of impairment or incapacity for re-entering the workforce and guide treatment while also evaluating its effectiveness.

Interest, Aptitude and Achievement Testing
This evaluation aims to evaluate skills and passions and guide occupational rehabilitation.



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