Disabilities & Rehabilitation

Becoming disabled through illness, injury, accident, or a deteriorating medical condition can affect many areas of someone’s life. Suffering from an injury leading to physical or psychological disability is similar to going through a mourning process and grieving the loss, for example, of a loved one.

Many approaches to psychotherapy can help people through the process of adjusting to the emotional and cognitive consequences of injury or illness. For example, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) can be used to facilitate the correction of distorted assumptions about what it means to deviate from norms about appearance, bodily function, and social roles. Cognitive approaches provide a modality for focusing on core issues in the adjustment process, to help reduce the tendency to magnify risks associated with new activities, and to change dysfunctional belief systems that obstruct adjustment. Changing the thoughts about our self in turn leads to more positive emotions and behaviours.

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